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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Gallaudetians Protesting 

Well, first of all, I'm done!!!! Yaaaahooo! Now, I can just sit back and wait for the Hooding Ceremony next week Thursday and Graduation the next day!

If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands. *clap, clap*

I was on campus for a time yesterday. First, all the entrances was blocked. I had to park in the overflow parking in the flea market. I went to various places as I had to take care of some stuff so I could finish up my papers. Meanwhile, I did some people-watching. I'm sure we all love to vee-vee people.

Below are some snippets from people's conversations that I spied on:

"...stupid, stupid, stupid..."

"...Noah [Beckman] is awful, Noah is awful..."

"...Ridor is making a fool of himself..."

"Accept it!"

"...you're missing the point..."

"...Ryan [Commerson] is PNG..."

"...we're embarrassing ourselves, especially to hearing people..."

"...JK will fail Gallaudet..."

"...the problem with this protest is that there's no outside support like DPN had..."

"...Ryan didn't do anything..."

"...Noah's brother was busted for pulling the fire alarm and breaking the handle..."

"...get your facts right..."

"...pissed me off!"

"...at least JK had the best resume of the three..."

"...I'm curious about [Ron] Stern and [Stephen] Weiner's reaction about this..."

"Have you read his blog?"

"...I have to applaud IKJ because he met with students at the rally, despite some of us are upset with him. Where was JK? She was in the back, behind some people."

"What's Ridor's blog address?"

"...I *grr* my teacher. Cancelled our appointment because [s/he] wanted to go to the rally..."

"...Ryan isn't PNG, he's suspended for 72 hours..."

"...if JK doesn't resign very soon, then I will have more respect for [Elizabeth] Zinser because she recognized the students' demands..."

"...I noticed IKJ tends to defend JK..."

"...as soon as J was fingerspelled, I was disgusted, got up and walked out..."

"Are you going to the rally?"

"...I noticed Adam [Stone] doesn't reply to comments on his blog..."


"...do you mind if we talk about something else? I had a fight with my sister last night about JK..."

"Why next week Thursday? That's fishy."

"...thank God for pagers and blogs so I can get information and pictures..."

"...the BOT ignored us..."

There were many more but these were the ones that I could remember. There are other bloggers who have kept diligent updates about the selection of JK and the protests/rallies. Check below for updated entries:




There are many more bloggers who have posted their opinions/feelings in regards to the selection of JK as President:

Not Without Us

Trimmin' the Fern

Mr. Sandman

Mike McConnell


Grant Laird, Jr.

The Deaf Edge

Deaf in the City

The Nike Formula


Basically, everyone, in the Deaf community, is talking about it. Even the Deaf Academics listserv, containing international Deaf members, have been discussing JK. Jamie Berke has been trying to keep on top of things.

It's gonna be very interesting to see what takes place within the next few days.

Here are some pictures a friend emailed me from her Sidekick. This was taken right after the announcement of JK as President-elect:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The Gallaudet Protest has appeared in the Washington Post Express. It just so happens that the Express has released a new site, which is more user-friendly. So, check it out here.

Before I close, there's a petition online for Gallaudet alumni and members of the Deaf community to show support of the 2 demands presented to the Board of Trustees and the President.

ta ta...