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Monday, May 08, 2006

Life After School 

KT and I basically had a wonderful relaxing weekend, even with the late Spring cleaning.

Really, with school done, I found myself being back to my old self. I'm relaxed, not taking everything so serious. I'm laughing. I'm flirting with KT, more and more. Lawdy, I was crazy to overload myself with school, work and internship but it had to be done.

Hmm, I know I definitely want a (long?) break from school before returning for my Ph.D.

Of course, Friday, I was at Tent City for the protest and the Q&A session with Celia Baldwin and Tom Humphries.

That night, made myself strawberry daquiri. Whooo, worked up a nice buzz!

Saturday, we headed over to CK and Allison's place for a housewarming/barbeque gathering, along with a few other people. Leah's cute! Initially, she was shy but eventually warmed up to me and KT. Previously, I would just see her in passing but never really talked to her. Aw, she's adorable!

Simply put, we had a wonderful time there!

Sunday was spent on finishing up the Spring cleaning. Watched Desperate Housewives before going to bed. Whoo! Things have been getting interesting and will continue til the season finale!


Belated reviews:

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Son of a Witch was so-so. I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone. Liir is on a search for Nor and and seeks confirmation whether or not he is Elphaba's son. The search just keeps on dragging from the beginning to the end.

In Wicked, Dorothy, Toto and her 3 friends were barely mentioned. In the sequel, they were mentioned in the beginning with Scarecrow mentioned more because he was the Wizard's replacement. However, the gang were painted as neurotic. It totally distorted the images I had of them from the movie.

Anyways, the book was so-so, which made me take my sweet time finishing it. Eh!


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Assault on Precinct 13 was pretty good. Usually, I'm not fond of movies that center primarily on one scene but this was not bad.

A cop killer has been caught and sentenced to prison. En route to a prison on a secured bus, snow is falling hard on the highway. The driver has been instructed to stop at Precinct 13 for the night.

Once everyone is settled in, with prisoners in jail cells, the precinct is attacked. However, it's the dirty cops and "powers that be" that are attacking. You see, this cop killer had been making deals with these dirty cops. Now, he's caught and they're afraid he'll spill the beans on them.

Like I said, pretty good.


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Secrets & Lies was an interesting British movie. When Hortense's, a black woman, mother dies, she discovers that she was adopted. Hortense goes to an adoption agency and an obtains a file. (In the film [I'm not sure if it's true in real life], adoptees have the right to their files under a 1974 [75?] act, unlike America.)

Hortense discovers her biological mother's name and address. She calls the mother and ask for a meet. The only problem is that Hortense is black and her biological mother is white. The mother truly believes there's been a mistake.

This movie is *vee vee* with their dialogues and familial drama. It is worth watching.


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I loved it! Made me cry but I loved it! Kinda reminds me of that movie with Rosie O'Donnell, Demi Moore and 2 other actresses. Anyone remember the name of that movie?


ta ta...