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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Memmy Weekend 

I noticed that I've not been blogging on a regular basis as before. It could be that I'm stressing out with KT in regards to job searches and the near future. We're just gonna do the best we can and enjoy the summer.

We had a great Memorial Day Weekend, having 5 days off from work. That's practically a vacation for us. We're back to our usual selves, being anal about things, like the house being cleaned and tidy. We're going out more often, like window shopping. Of course, window shopping is a bad thing for me cuz I see so many things and then I wanna buy them all.

Thursday, we spent nearly all day shopping at various stores, getting stuff ready for the BBQ we planned for Sunday. Shopping's fun but exhausting too.

Friday, we had lunch with Kekua at Sette in Dupont Circle. It's a nice cozy restaurant with glass windows so you can view people walking by. I had rigatoni with meat sauce. Delicious! KT and Kekua both had cheese pizzas, which KT thought his was too greasy.

Saturday morning, we drove to Bowie and biked on trails. Whoo! I'm just fat, fat, fat, fat, fat, fat, fat, fat, fat! Not that it wasn't obvious. Just biking for half an hour left me gasping for air and feeling the need to vomit. It was a good workout, despite my legs complaining like hell. Yeah, I definitely need to stop smoking cloves. Now, how many times have I said that?

That afternoon, we met up with some friends to watch The Da Vinci Code. It wasn't bad but it wasn't great. The movie pretty much followed the book. And because it followed the book, it ran a bit too long. Tom Hanks did pretty good as Robert Langdon.

As always, the books beat the movie adaptations.

Dan Brown is working on his next novel, "The Solomon Key", involving Robert Langdon, on freemasonry. One of the settings in his novel will be Washington, DC.

Oh yeah...Brown's Angels & Demons will be made into a movie.

Anyways. I think I got carried away a bit with this Dan Brown thing. Moving on...

Sunday, we had a BBQ in the backyard with the Olsons, the Officers, the Kaftans, the Pezzarossis, the Dukes and the Haualands. Talk about food galore!

Thank goodness for the sunny weather. We had a great time, hanging out in the backyard and chitchatting. Of course, when you have this many people for about 7 or 8 hours, you bound to come across a plethora of topics. Some of them were hilarious!

We had bought these multi-colored citronella torches. They basically looked like giant candles. They kinda look like this, except the color lines were vertical. Cute but not so great with kids around. So, I'm definitely gonna save up to buy those tall metal citronella torches.

After the BBQ was done, we headed over to the Officers' and played games til 3 in the morning. So, we slept in late on Monday.

So, that was our weekend. This week is just awesome. We're just working today and tomorrow and then off the rest of the week! Gawd, I just love my work schedule!

Well, I better get back to work and ADD (or is it OCD?) on job searches and applications.

ta ta for now...