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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Relay Scams Continue 

Not too long ago, I blogged about a relay scam that tried to get our information from a credit card company. (Just scroll down for that blog entry, 5/8/06.)

Then, I come across an article, "Canine Con", in Keloland.com. Someone did a scam through Relay in regards to breeding/selling Newfoundland dogs.

Since the Relay scams are becoming more frequent, the FCC will now investigate for a reduction in scams.

I mentioned before that these scams are hurting the Deaf community. Victims of the Relay scams/pranks will only hang up on future Relay calls that are legit. We all know how frustrating it is getting hung up while the Relay operator is trying to explain Relay. They might know what Relay is but they're not going to be receptive because they'll be uncertain whether this particular call is legit or not.


Radical Moves in Sexuality

Schools in Scotland will teach Gay Sex Ed. The current sex education curriculum has been labeled "heterosexist", therefore it was revised to include same-sex relationships and counseling.


A teacher has been placed on unpaid leave for distributing a "heterosexual" questionnaire to students.

A teacher passed out a 10 question survery to about half of the high school's students during the National Day of Silence, co-sponsored by the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network. It seems she was doing a "flip" side of sexuality.

A couple of the questions were:

"What do you think caused your heterosexuality?"

"When did you decide you were heterosexual?"

However, parents complained because they weren't given advanced notice to determine if their children can participate or not. The teacher was placed on a 2 day leave, unpaid.


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Bee Season was an odd movie to watch. KT and I thought it was a movie on spelling bee's. Well, it is but we had no idea that it would involve Jewish mysticism or Kabbalism.

The movie opens with Saul Naumann (Richard Gere), a professor of religion and Jewish mysticism, devoting time with his eldest son, Aaron, with music lessons. Saul is clueless that his younger daughter, Eliza, has been winning spelling bee contests. When the son informs the father of Eliza's accomplishments, Saul shifts his attention to Eliza. Saul believes that Eliza can reach the ears of God, especially when she's searching for the letters of the word to spell during the contests.

Aaron sees the shift of his Dad's attention from him to Eliza. He escapes into Hinduism. Meanwhile, the wife has been having her own private klemptomaniac episodes until she's caught. Everything is dumped on Saul as he's pretty much clueless about his family because he's too busy with Kabbalah or rather, reaching the ears of God through his daughter.

Like I said, odd movie. You're not missing anything if you don't watch this movie.