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Monday, May 22, 2006


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Goodness! This was one long movie that could've been shortened by half. The first hour was just unstimulating, enough to make you wanna stop the movie and give up. However, KT and I kept on watching it til the end.

The only good parts were the fight scenes between King Kong and the T-Rexes, the shooting scenes between the giant insects and the humans and the capture of King Kong. Everything else were fillers.

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Had to stop this movie a little past the halfway point. Jim Carrey just isn't funny anymore.

Dick and Jane have a good life. Dick gets a promotion, where the pay is so good that Jane doesn't have to work anymore. However, the company gets in trouble (think Enron) and Dick doesn't have a job. Dick and Jane are forced to sell their possessions until they have to steal in order to survive.

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I was disappointed with the first half of Hostel because it was just slow to get to the good part of the movie. 3 guys are traveling Europe, when they hear about a hostel in a Slovakian city, filled with girls. The guys head over and face their gruesome nightmares.

I have to tell you that this movie is gory, as in LOTS of blood. However, it's balanced with suspense that'll make you root for the victims at the edge of your seat.

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Of all the movies listed here, this one is the best. It's actually a pretty good movie to be enjoyed by all viewers. If you liked Seabiscuit, you'll definitely love this movie.

Sonador, a filly, breaks her leg during a major race. Horses with this type of fracture are usually put to sleep. However, a trainer and his daughter saves the horse and rehabilitate it back to health. Despite doubts from everyone, Sonador re-enters the race and wins.

Dakota Fanning is an awesome young child actress. She's gonna grow up and be one fabulous actress.

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I was actually surprised with Robots. I had put off seeing this movie because I assumed that it would suck and waste my time. Actually, it was pretty good and funny too.

In a robot world, Rodney takes off to the big city to "sell" his invention to a company that he's had dreams working for. However, the company went throught some sinister changes, including the CEO. Rodney is determined to save the company, the city and its people.

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Saw Mission: Impossible 3 last week. This movie received mixed reactions from the people I went to see the movie with. I guess you gotta like those James Bond type of movies in order to enjoy M:I movies. Well, I liked it and thought it was pretty good.

Ethan Hunt and his team must get their hands on Rabbit's Foot, a dangerous weapon, from a notorious arms dealer. However, the mission is filled with twists and betrayals that has to be dealt with in order to complete the mission.

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Europa Europa was an interesting movie. During the Holocaust in Germany, a Jewish boy joins the Hitler Youth to conceal his identity and survives the Holocaust. I cannot imagine what it was like to be a part of your enemy's army and to see the army murder your people.

I believe it's worth a watch but be forewarned that this movie might be slow for some viewers.

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Pom Poko is made by the same people who did Nausicaa and Spirited Away, among others. However, this movie was a bit long to make you restless.

Pom Poko is about a band of shape-shifting raccoons who are determined to save their lands from being urbanized. The shape-shifting raccoons can basically morph into any objects, animals or humans. However, they usually morph into 2 other animals that kind of resemble small bears (think Care Bears or Jerry Garcia's bears).

One interesting part of this movie is that you can tell which raccoons, when they morph into other animals, are males. You see their balls hanging. In fact, some of the masters can morph their testicles into objects. It's hilarious!


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KT and I got "Why Do Men Have Nipples?" as one of the graduation gifts. It's one of those books filled with questions, usually medical or science related, and answered by a doctor.

The book was ok. It was just that some of the questions were stupid, such as "Do you get hairy palms from masturbating?" Like, whatever! Most of the questions/answers were pretty much common knowledge. There were only few that were new information to me.

I wouldn't recommend you to buy the book. I'd rather you go to your local library and skim through it.
ta ta for now...