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Friday, May 05, 2006

Tent City 

I was checking blogs here and there and thought "Tent City" was a cool name. Tent City is named after the area of the 8th/Florida Streets entrance, where all the tents are pitched.

Elisa continues to provide constant and consistent updates of the protests and rallies. My, my...she must have an I.V. hooked up into her arm with coffee freely flowing. ;-)

More bloggers continue to post their perspectives on the protests:

Chris & Allison via DeafDC.com - thought-provoking

Jesse Thomas


The latest article in WaPo:

Gallaudet's Next President Won't Bow Out


Through a listserv, I was lead to a site that had Dr. Jane Norman's view on the protest. However, I'm hesitant to believe if these were hers. The reason is because this letter was posted in a MySpace homepage that allegedly belongs to Jane Fernandes.

However, it is worth a look.


I'll be on campus to take care of some last minute's errands. I'll try to take some pictures from my Sidekick and post them here.

ta ta...