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Thursday, May 04, 2006


The protests/rallies are still going on at Gallaudet University. Elisa and Ridor are giving constant updates, making you feel like you're actually there. DeafDC and a host of other bloggers have been keep tabs of the protests as well as giving their opinions/perspecttives.

WaPo, once again, has published another article about the Gallauet Protests.

The Gallaudet Protests was also featured in the Express. An excerpt of the live chat with Jane Fernandes as well as an excerpt of Adam's blog were also featured in the Express.


One step at a time, Maryland gays are gaining rights. Governor Bob Erhlich has signed a legislation, allowing same-sex couples making medical decisions for each other.


Colorado Senate Approves Gay Partner Measure


Wendy's, a fast food chain, adds sexual orientation and gender identity to its employment nondiscrimination policy.

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