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Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Bad things comes in threes, right? I hope so.

First, we had that break-in at the house. (By the way, we finally go our window replaced yesterday. Yay!)

Second, we had to deal with the shattered window in the back of our car. Fortunately, it was replaced the next day.

Third, this past weekend, we come home from grocery shopping and found a surprise for us. The (dead) tree in front of our house, I guess it decided to uproot itself, was leaning on the house. Part of the gutter was smashed in.

We were like, do do?!? We tried to get the tree off the house and lay it down the ground. It was just a bit heavy to do so. Jon drives by, on the way to take his son to a baseball tournament, and suggests to round up the volunteer (& rescue) firemen around the block. So, KT goes there and the guys were just sitting there and chatting their lives away. Some of the guys were suddenly like "oh, look at the time, I gotta go home". Whateva! Instead of helping us, they said they would call the Dept. of Public Works and that someone would come by.

So, we waited and waited and waited. Screw that! It would be months before we'd see anyone come by. We learned our lesson when we had asked the city to come by and build a small curb to prevent water from the rain, from the slight uphill, from flooding our yard, which would eventually seep into the basement. That took MONTHS for them to finally come by!

So, we went out and got the tree down. Now, it's just laying in the front yard. We need to move it to the side and saw it down.

So, that's it, right? In threes. I'm done, for the moment? The constant rain shouldn't have me worry about something else, right?

*knock on wood*