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Thursday, June 01, 2006


Damn! I knew I should've copied and pasted a portion that I read yesterday and blogged it here.

Yesterday, I was reading about the X-Men in Wikipedia to kill time. As we, comics fans, know that comics often used metaphors addressing real-life issues. The X-Men comics were no different.


Homophobia: used Northstar and Anole to address this issue as they were gay themselves. In X2, Bobby Drake (Iceman) "came out" to his parents that he is a mutant. His mother replied, "Have you tried not being a mutant?"

AIDS: the Legacy Virus

Diversity: Shadowcat, Jewish; Dust, Muslim; Nightcrawler, Catholic; Danielle Moonstar, Native American; Storm, Kenyan; Sunspot, Brazilian; Gateway, Aborigine, etc.

I just posted a few here. One of the issues listed was 'Deaf, Cochlear Implants'. It was said that X-Men: The Last Stand was a metaphor for the Deaf community and cochlear implants. In X3, there is a chemical cure for the mutants. The mutant community is divided on whether to take them (to be normal humans) or not. However, this morning, I checked it again so I could blog about it in today's entry and it's gone. Dammit!

Even with that portion erased, one could make a comparison with X3 and the cochlear implant issue dividing the D/deaf communities.


News of the Day:

- Judge evicts Rusty Ackerman, Deaf & Blind, from apartment. Rusty says, "I will live on the street." Others say he's too aggressive to live there.

- Studio Settle Suit Over DVD Closed-Captioning


Well, ta ta for now...