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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Hershey & Amish 

Last week Tuesday, KT & I got off work. We metro'd to Gally/New York station and got off. We parked our car there (free parking). We walked to the car. What did we see?!?!



Oh no no no! What is it with broken windows? First, we had a break-in at our house. The perpetrator(s) broke through the kitchen window. And now this! We're not sure if someone intentionally broke this window or if a passing vehicle had something sticking out and hit it, while passing by. Either way, it was a pain to call the police, which AIM Relay demanded a 10 digit number because it would not accept the 311 number. The 311 was given to us by the police substation, right there by the metro station. They said they're a substation, not a district station
and therefore could not take our case. Goodness!
After we filed a report, we drove off. It felt kinda silly, driving around with a broken window in the back. We drove off to a gas station that had a coin-operated vaccuum cleaner. Then, went to an auto store for a tarp to cover it.
We were fortunate to learn from our insurance company that windows are replaced in a day. We thought that we had to wait for the shop to order the part, which would take a couple of weeks for arrival.

No more broken things, ok? Especially windows!


Friday morning, Manny, Kekua, KT & I drove off to Pennsylvania for Hershey Park. It was as fun as it was the last time I went there. I love their water rides because you don't get wet...you get soaked! I told myself before not to get on wooden rollercoasters because they shake alot and often rattle my head and neck. They're just uncomfortable. Well, stupidly, I went along with the guys to get on one of the wooden rollercoasters. I came out with head rattled and neck ached. Then, there was another wooden rollercoasters, Kekua and I sat out on this one.

Overall, we had a blast!

The next day, we went back for the Chocolate Factory. You could do the whole tour in less than 2 hours. I was disappointed that they no longer make Krackel, except for minatures. That's my favorite Hershey candy.

After that, we drove up to Lancaster and Intercourse to see the Amish communities. We basically drove through Lancaster, which was a pretty town. We stopped in Intercourse for lunch. If you ever get the chance, dine at Stoltzfus Farm Restaurant. (I thought I took a picture of it with my Sidekick.) It's a cute little restaurant, offering a buffet of food, made from their farm. We left there stuffed!

We did a little shopping afterwards. We checked out the buggies passing by. Then, we drove through the country, enjoying the sceneries. It was just a peaceful drive.

Hmmm, maybe we oughta come back for their Thanksgiving feast. I hear they're fabulous.


Lawdy! It was raining and thundering when KT & I got off work yesterday. We get home and discover that the electricity is out. Ugh!

I thought, it's ok, it'll come back on in a couple of hours. Boy, was I wrong! To keep myself entertained, I tried reading my newest book, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, by candlelight. At first, it was doable but then after awhile I was squinting my eyes just to make out the words. So, I started playing games on my pager. Lawdy! Try playing Ms. Pac-Man on your Sidekick...it's challenging.

Sleeping without the ceiling fan or the a/c running is not fun. Sleeping without the wind blowing through the open window isn't fun either. I told myself not to move so much so I could keep myself cool and sleep through the night. I found myself waking up a couple of times in sweat.

We wake up and the electricity is still out! Ugh! KT just called the electric company. They hope to have power restored by 7pm. Hope? I'm like, you better have it on by then!



The American Psychology Association (APA) has long since abandoned the position that homosexuality was a mental disorder in the early 70's. However, the Pentagon document still held on to that position. Currently, the policy is under review. About damn time!


Does anyone else find it funny about Nestle, the biggest food and drink company, buying out Jenny Craig for $600 million dollars? I loved how this satirical article asked, "isn't this like Smirnoff buying the Betty Ford Center?"


Wal-Mart plans to sell organic food.

Well, ta ta for now...