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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Parking Spots 


Over by the Gallaudet/NY Ave Metro, only the selected few knew about free parking spots, scattered around in the area.

There was an area on M and 3rd streets, next to the bridge. One could park there all day in the shade. However, about 2 weeks ago, 2 & 4 hour parking meters were installed there. It's like ghost town on the street.

However, we still had our other secret parking spot on M street. Well, this morning I get there and parked. However, I was a little bothered that there were no other cars there, especially the other cars that are usually parked there. I was running a little late and I found it strange that I found a parking spot easily. I looked up and sure enough, the city posted one of those 2 hour parking limit unless you had a permit. Aha!

So, I drove over a block down for the other secret parking area. Packed! Dammit! Then, I drove back to 4th street for the other secret parking area. Packed! Damn!

I thought...ok, I guess I'll park at the parking garage on the intersection of M and 3rd street. Nope! It wasn't even anywhere close to 8 o'clock and the garage was already packed and closed. Shit!

That parking garage is gonna jack up their price very soon. Originally, it was 3 dollars to park all day. Then, they went up to $4. Now, they're up to $5. You can bet your ass they're gonna raise it up very soon, especially with everyone parking there. I wouldn't be surprised if they upped it between $6 to $10 a day. I'd be very surprised if they went beyond $10.

Damn DC for posting these meters and signs! No one is even parking at the 4 hour meters. Hell-o! A lot of people work 6+ hour workdays. They like to park near a metro station and metro to work, especially if they work downtown. Parking garages in downtown are ridiculously expensive. They're usually $8, $9, $10, $12 and $15 a day to park. Who the hell has time to pay for a 4 hour meter? Who the hell has time to leave work to metro back, just to put in additional coins for additional time?

And...these meter maids are like hawks! It's like they get multiple orgasms while punching out tickets from their little hand-held devices.

So, what did I do? I parked at Gallaudet and took the shuttle to the metro.



News of the Day:

Rochester, NY - Deaf woman to be sentenced for killing a Deaf man

President Bush pushes for line-item veto. This will increase additional presidential powers.

DC estimated that up to 25,000 residents have HIV.


In the Styles section of the Washington Post Express, I saw some cool stuff for us comic book fans.

Available at 80sTees.com:

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I'd love to have this bracelet! Oh, that reminds me. KT bought me a Wonder Woman action figure. Yayness! I'll have to take a picture of it. Now, I just have to decide where I wanna put it.

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I'm not exactly a fan of Green Lantern. However, I think I would've liked this ring if the green wasn't there. If it was an empty space instead, I'd definitely be wearing it.

Available at Alienware.com:

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This is an Area-51 Superman Returns Edition Notebook. Only 350 units were made.


Well, ta ta for now...