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Monday, July 17, 2006

Another Plain Weekend 

Friday night, KT and I had dinner with Alex at Lauriol Plaza. Alex teaches ASL in Seattle. During the summer, he teaches ASL at Gallaudet. Anyways, he's a good dear friend of ours and it was just wonderful to finally have dinner and catch up on news.

Saturday, Gallaudet hosted an ASL Fest. Students, of all ASL levels, attended workshops and participated in interactive situational settings. I worked in the "municipal building" setting, where students come in and dispute an utility bill or open up an account or whatever.

It was interesting. Earlier last week, I was asked to go to the municipal building and pick up some pamphlets for the booth. I had no idea where the nearest municipal building was in DC. I Googled it and found out that it was near U Street Metro. It was the building I would always see but never knew exactly what it was.

I get there and told Security my business and asked if I could pick up some brochures. They directed me to the Energy dept. on the third floor. On my way to the elevator, I saw a little room for the DC lottery claim. Aha! Now, I know where to go if I should ever win $1,000 or more from the lottery.

I get to the Energy dept. and got in line. I see that this is where people come to dispute their bills or need to speak to someone about payments or whatever. No wonder I didn't know about the municipal building or what one does there. My bills are paid online through my bank. Thank goodness I don't have to worry about being late or having to come in and dispute it or whatever.

I was given large volumes of pamphlets. They wanted to give me more and I was like, "no, this is way more than enough".

Anyways, it was an interesting afternoon.

After that, KT picked me up and went headed to Target, where we finally used our gift cards that we had received for our graduation. I got myself 3 books. KT got himself some clothes.

That night, we headed over to Cindy and Dane's for a game night. It's always fun to play games and catch up on news with them. We came home at a decent time. We usually end up leaving there around 3am or so. You know....Deaf thing.

Sunday was a relaxing day. Ever since we got that gasoline-powered saw last week, KT has been really loving this toy. He was up early and was sawing down pieces of the tree that we had cut previously. He wanted them smaller so he could take them to the dump, along with some other things. Then, he sawed down some other little trees. They were dead anyways. We finally water-proofed the flooring of the front porch. We had water-proofed the railings a long time ago but never got around to the flooring.

In between the house projects, chores and the rest of the day, I spent the day reading The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon. It's about a teenager, Christopher, who discovered a neighbor's poodle stabbed to death. Christopher is determined to find out who did it.

I found this book to be interesting because Christopher is an interesting character. One, he's a math freak. Math has always been my weakest subject. Yet, Christopher explained some mathematical things in his mind in such a way that readers could understand. Two, he was odd. He disliked anything brown or yellow. He hates to be touched. So, his parents "hug" him by having their fingertips touch each other. Three, he loved Sherlock Holmes. He explained some myths and facts about Sherlock that I never knew. Of course, I was never really a fan of Sherlock.

The plots in this book are really simple. It's Christopher's thoughts and observations that get your attention. Check it out whenever you can.

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Also, in the midst of my reading, we watched Hedwig and The Angry Itch. Before watching the movie, I has assumed that I probably wouldn't like it. I dunno why. However, I liked it!

Hedwig is a transsexual from East Berlin. His childhood was eccentric. One day, when he was a teen or a young adult, he meets a black American soldier, Luther. Luther wants to get married. Hedwig agrees. However, Luther tells him that he has to leave something behind because of an physical exam required before getting married. Hedwig goes for surgery but it was botched.

They arrive to America and live there for a time. Soon, Luther leaves him for another man. This is where Hedwig started his musical career. Hedwig also meets Tommy Speck, who later becomes Tommy Gnosis.

When Tommy becomes a star, he uses Hedwig's songs in his albums. Hedwig goes on a mission to "stalk" him because he wants Tommy to admit plagarism.

Anyways, you just gotta watch it. If you liked Evita, then you'll like Hedwig. Most of the stories are told in songs. Check it out!

Before going to sleep, I started reading Lucky, a memoir of Alice Sebold. This book is about Alice's brutal rape in New York and the aftermath. The memoir is titled Lucky because a police told her to consider herself lucky that she was only raped. There had been a murder at the exact location, where she was raped, that another girl was dismembered.

Well, that's all for now! Ta ta...