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Monday, July 31, 2006

Final Destination 3 

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They should've stopped at Final Destination 2. The first one was good! I vividly remember Cliff and I watching it in our room in Benson Hall. We were roommates and we had borrowed the movie from someone. I remember we were lying in our own bed, chatting while the movie was playing. We were deep in our chats that was more interesting in the movie. However, we would steal glances at the movie and we'd rewind and watch the parts. Pretty soon, we were engrossed into the movie.

The second one was ok. There was nothing really exciting about it except the survivor from the first movie.

Part 3 was just watching a recycled movie. So, some people escape death, thanks to a preminition, yet death will come back for them. They all die a freakish death. *yawn*