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Monday, July 03, 2006

Mysterious Skin 

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Mysterious Skin was an interesting movie, although it can be difficult to watch for those faint of heart in regards to sexual abuse upon children and rough gay sex/rape.

Mysterious Skin focuses mainly on Neil and Brian. Both were sexually molested by their Little League coach. Both react differently to the sexual abuse. It didn't prevent Neil from seeing his coach repeatedly. Neil graduated to hustling himself throughout his teens.

Brian, on the other hand, believes he was abducted by aliens. He has lost track of 8 hours on a specific day in his childhood. As a result, he has occasional nosebleeds.

10 years later, Brian and Neil finally meet. Brian believes that Neil may know what exactly happened to him. They ventured to their former coach's home where Neil fills in the blank for Brian.

It's a difficult movie to watch. Any movies with child abuse, such as Bastard Out of Carolina, are hard to watch. There was one part, towards the end, that shocked me because I wasn't expecting it. It had my jaws to the floor.