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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Station Wagon 

I was talking to Rosey this morning on AIM. Somehow the topic of station wagons came up. I told her that I wouldn't mind getting a big-assed station wagon. I'd fix it up real nice and upgrade it with modern stuff, then voila!

Gawd, do you guys remember growing up with those old station wagons? My parents never had one. I grew up with VW Beetle Bugs and those long Cadillacs. However, my aunt and my grandmother both had station wagons. Those were fun! My cousins and I would ride in the back, surrounded by windows. We'd make funny faces to those behind us and passing by. Of course, we would get scolded by our mothers.

These old big-assed station wagons were good cars, even if they were gas-oholic! My grandmother was eccentric in her own ways. She loved to read while driving. I know, dangerous! She'd be driving and reading a book or whatever. Then, she'd hit a car in front of her. Well, the back of the car would be damaged or dented really bad. While the front of my grandmother's car would barely even have a scratch. And you know what? She'd kept on reading and driving. Lawdy! Whenever we rode with her, my mother would always say, "how about if I drive", and Grandma would let her. Whew.

Damn! I miss them station wagons!







ta ta for now...