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Thursday, July 27, 2006


Lance Bass Comes Out - Of course, those of us who have a working gaydar already knew this. We were just simply waiting for him to say it out loud. Plus, he says he is dating Reichen Lehmkuhl, a one-time winner of Amazing Race.

Reichen's former partner congratulates Lance for coming out.

I liked how one commenter in Tate's blog said that now we just have to wait for Clay Aiken to come out. Mm-hmm!

TSD vs. Strip Club - Residents of Austin are complaining that a ladies club filled with underwear-clad men, La Bare, is too close to the Texas School for the Deaf. A zoning code prohibits any adult-oriented businesses (AOB) from operating within 1,000 feet of a school or a public park. La Bare respond that they are not an AOB but rather adult-suggestive like Hooters. La Bare also respond that residents had a chance to raise this issue when they applied for an alcohol permit last Fall.

So, to court they go.

La Bare is Austin's only ladies club.

Washington upholds gay marriage ban - Is it just me or are we going back in time instead of going forward with progress?

Deafhood - Ridor has posted several blog entries in regards to Deafhood. This time, he pasted an entry from GallyNet, written by 'Deep Eyes'. In a sense, Deep Eyes tried to debunk the notion of Deafhood and its supporters. However, the main attraction to this particular entry was Carrie G.'s response. (I've only met her online. She's hilarious!) Here's an excerpt of her response:

Yes, the community is divided over Deafhood… because this is NEW and we are still learning and discussing it… hence the NEED for forums and home based chats and meetings and workshops on Deafhood. So we can all gather together and LEARN more about it. People still have questions… even personal ones… “Am I still Deaf when I embrace Deafhood? Do I stand to win/lose anything from it? Where do I fit in with Deafhood?” We still have questions… And that’s okay. I should think that not everyone may be ready to accept Deafhood, but again, this is a new concept and some deaf people need more time. And there’s nothing wrong with that, either. I agree wholeheartedly with Ridor when he said , “They have their own journey to reach that point.” We all have our own paths to walk… yes, even Deep Eyes.

This particular excerpt reminded me of a poem by Ella Mae Lentz, an ASL poetess. This particular poem is rarely seen by many as it was created in memory of Marie Philip's sudden and unexpected departure from this earth. In one particular part of Ella's poem was that some ideas in the Deaf communities were brought up and discussed. Of course, these ideas were heavily debated which caused divisions among the Deaf communities. However, after some introspection, the Deafies were able to reunite and progress.

If you knew about Marie Philip's background, you'd know that she was one of those few people who are able to stir the pot to get people thinking as well as making something become a reality.

So, I look at Deafhood as the same thing. It's being heavily discussed, which has caused some disagreements. In a sense, that is good because this an opportunity to listen to all views and do some introspection, which may lead us to revise our stance or remain the same. I believe that, over time, we will reunite once again, once we fully understand what Deafhood is, whether our comprehension or perception is the same or different from Paddy Ladd's.

Book Review:

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Little Children, by Tom Perrotta, was an interesting book. It's a satirical novel about parents and their kids. The story starts off about 4 women taking their kids to the park for thier daily playtime. These four women spot a young father taking his son to the park as well. The 4 women challenge one woman, Sarah, to go up to the guy and get some information from him. Sarah takes the challenge and meets the guy, Todd. However, behind everyone's back, they start an on-going affair.

Meanwhile, Sarah's husband befriends a man, Larry, in the neighborhood. Larry is obsessed with a child molester living in the neighborhood and harasses him. The child molester feels that he has paid his time for the crime and just want to live in peace.

Overall, it was a good story with an unexpected ending. The ending had me going "whaaaaaa?" Looking at the bigger picture, you'll see that it the adults that are acting like little children.

I was surprised to find that this book will be made into a movie, which is currently in production.

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I had heard so much positive stuff said about Audrey Niffenegger's first novel, The Time Traveler's Wife. I only heard one person said that she didn't like the book. So, I ordered it online.

Whenver the opportunity was there, I would read the book.

Hmmm. I cannot say that I love it but I cannot said that I didn't like it. The story was good. What bugged me the most was that there was too much time jumping.

The story is about Henry and Clare. Henry just simply has the genes to time travel to the past and to the future. However, it's much easier to travel to the past. Henry jumps in and out of Clare's life since she was six years old. He comes back in various ages. He could come back when Clare is like 11 and he's like 20 years old. He could come back at Clare's same age, being 40.

Some entries, when Henry jumps back into time, are like half a page long. Some are 1 page and some 2 pages. At the beginning it was like that and I thought, oh no, no way am I gonna be dealing with short entries before moving on to another episode. But then, a few pages later, the stories start to get a bit longer and enjoyable.

I think this would have been a great story with less time traveling. Other than that, it was a good book.

And, I was not surprised to discover that this book will also be made into a movie, also in production. Bradgelina (did I say that right?) bought the rights to this story.

I'm currently reading Life of Pi, by Yann Martel.

Movie Review:

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Nanny McPhee is a cute movie. You just have to be in the mood to watch something like this.

Seven children, mother-less, have been horrible to nannies, which 17 of them have quit. Now, none of the nanny agencies will send out a nanny. However, the father, Cedric, was told that he needed Nanny McPhee.

Nanny McPhee (Emma Thompson) mysteriously appears at the house. From there, she was able to bring in order in the house as well as making the kids behave and respect people.

Meanwhile, Cedric has been threatened by Aunt Adelaide (Angela Lansbury) to remarry or else the cash flow will be cut, which means no more home and the kids would be wards of the state, British-style.

Like I said, it's a cute movie which you'll enjoy.

Well, ta ta for now...