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Monday, August 14, 2006

Birthday Thanks 


Thanks for the birthday greetings and wishes via email, pager, AIM and other such modes of communication. I had a good time on my birthday!

I was on vacation from work last week. I was supposed to be on vacation but wasn't really on vacation. KT and I just took some time off from work and stayed home. Well, over the weekend, we worked on the house. Cleaned up the yard. Ripped the carpet off in the dining room. The hard floor underneath was just beautiful!

Monday, I spent the better parts of the day preparing my teaching portfolio and making lesson plans and all that stuff.

Tuesday, I was at Gallaudet preparing for my ASLTA certification. Right now, it's in the hands of a teacher awaiting review before I submit it to ASLTA.

Wednesday and Thursday, I subbed for a teacher at Gallaudet for CLC.

Thursday was the day that the police/security foiled the terrorists at Heathrow. There were news coverages on TV all day long. KT took me out for a surprise lunch with Manny and Kekua. Had a good time with the Itches.

Friday was my birthday. I basically vegged out since I had a busy week. KT took me out to Bethesda with an attempted surprise dinner at BD Mongolian BBQ, surrounded by CK, Alpo, Carrie, Nick, Beth, Danny, Jon and Krista.

It was a fabulous dinner with friends! I was so embarrassed when the staff came out with the cake, singing "Happy Birthday". It looked so much fun when that song is being sung upon other people. It's just embarrassing to serenade me with that song.

Then, they kicked us out. Ok, really, they asked us how long we'd be at the table since they had people waiting for tables. I was like...TFB for them, we were here first. Alas, I had to be nice on my birthday. So, we got up and left.

Earlier, KT had asked me if I wanted to go to Dupont Circle and go to a bar. I thought it was a good idea. However, it was a just a cover for another surprise. KT drove me to Dover, Delaware to go gambling.

We had a good time there! We got there around 11 or midnight. Checked into the hotel and then drove off to Dover Downs. Gambled for a couple of hours before heading back to the hotel for our beauty sleep.

Got up the next morning and gambled the day away. Left in the late afternoon back home. Vegged out the rest of Saturday and all day Sunday.

Went back to work today. Had a big project waiting for me which kept me busy all day.

I'm ready for another vacation!