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Friday, August 18, 2006

Donnie Darko 

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Donnie Darko is one weird movie.

One night, a voice wakes Donnie up and instructs him to go outside. Donnie complies and meets a 6-foot bunny with a metallic skeletal face. For a moment, it makes you think that maybe this is some cheap-assed movie. The bunny, Frank, tells him that the world will come to an end in 28 days.

Meanwhile, his older sister comes home late. Immediately, the house shakes as if an earthquake had just occurred. However, it turns out that one of those circular engines, under the airplane's wings, crashed into Donnie's bedroom. Donnie wakes up and finds himself sleeping on a golf course.

So, for the next 28 days, Donnie goes through life, as a high school student, pondering about the end of the world as well as seeing Frank on a regular basis. Meanwhile, his parents and his therapist worry about Donnie becoming schizophrenic.

Throughout the movie, things don't make sense. However, towards the end, pieces start to connect that seem to make Frank's prophecy come true. Watch it to see what happens in the end.

Donnie Darko is filled with stars, such as Jake Gyllenhaal, Mary McDonnell, Drew Barrymore, Noah Wyle, Patrick Swayze, Jena Malone and more. If you'll pay attention, you'll notice some allusions to E.T.


Hopefully, next week, I'll be able to blog regularly. It's been crazy here at work.


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