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Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Hills Have Eyes 

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The Hills Have Eyes is a remake of the 1977 version. The Hills is one of those movies similar to Wrong Turn, House of Wax, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Devil's Rejects. They all deal with facing and fighting with freakishly weird people with a habit for cannabalism. I have to agree with KT when he said something like there's just been too many movies of the same kind within a short span of time and it's just boring and predictable.

The Hills moves at a slow pace, almost to the point of boredom. There is a couple of scenes that might make you jump a little. Other than that, I would hardly call this a scary movie. There is a lot of gory and bloody scenes, where you might wanna close your eyes for a second.

So, if you don't ever watch this movie, you're not missing anything.