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Tuesday, August 08, 2006


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2010 is the sequel to 2001. In 2001, we're lefting hanging with some unanswered questions. In 2010, a team of Russian and American scientists take off on a Mission to Jupiter to investigate what happened to the astronants in 2001 as well as Hal, the computer who was supposedly to be the best computer ever created.

Questions were answered in regards to Hal, who seemed to be a sinister computer sabotaging the mission in 2001. However, there were still questions left unanswered in regards to the monolinths.

Overall, this movie was so-so. You're not really missing anything if you don't watch it.

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Uh.....no. Having Gale Harold, who played Brian in Queer as Folks, in this movie doesn't make it any better. Boring!

Monsterthursday is a Dutch film. In the beginning, it looked like it was gonna be an interesting movie. However, about 20 minutes later, things start to drag and become pointless. Uh.......no!

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Jeremy recommended, some time ago, that I check out this movie. This was like one of the many classic movies that gays should have already seen. Recently, I finally had the chance to TiVo it.

OMG! I loved it! The retorts between Eve (Anne Baxter), Margo (Bette Davis) and Karen were fabulous and hilarious.

Margo is a famous actress of the theatre. Eve, through the help of Margo's best friend, Karen, was able to land a visit with Margo in her dressing room. When asked about her background, Eve tells her story, which is laden with misfortunes. Margo felt pity for her and asked her to move in with her.

Eve is graceful, courteous and hard-working. Margo's maid, Birdie, feels that Eve is a little too hard-working. Eve will run errands for Margo without being asked.

Little by little, Eve edges her way into the theatre, pushing Margo out of the picture. We finally get to see Eve for who she really is.

Despite it being a long movie, it is worth watching it. Marilyn Monroe also appears in this movie. See if you can spot her.