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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Talk Talk 

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I was given an autographed copy of Talk Talk for my birthday. Talk Talk was a good book with an unexpected ending.

Dana Halter is Deaf and she teaches at San Roche School for the Deaf in California. One morning, she is late for a dental appointment. She runs a stop sign. She gets pulled over by a cop. It's the usual ritual of pulling out your license and registration. It's the usual duty for the cop to return to the car and contact some central information department, etc. Dana sits there waiting for the return of her license and paper and maybe a warning or a ticket. However, the cop pulls her out and arrests her. Dana has no idea why.

Once in jail, Dana discovers she's a victim of identity theft and is in debts, big time. With the help of her boyfriend, Bridger Martin, Dana is determined to track down the person who stole her identity.

Peck Wilson is the guy who stole her identity. He steals identities as if it was his God-given purpose on earth. He is living the high life. He's livid when he discovers that Dana has tracked him down...repeatedly.

Throughout the book, you'll see the relationship dynamics between Dana and Bridger and with other people. You'll see the lies that Peck has to spin to cover his tracks.

There are some parts in the book that, as a Deaf person, I could relate to. Frustration with communication. Hearing people's erroneous perceptions of Deaf people. Stuff like that...

Like I said, good book with an unexpected ending. The unexpected ending could make a reader like or hate this book.


Last night, I came home from teaching in Virginia. I was tired yet glad to be home. I was telling KT about my day. I noticed a small package from Amazon.com for me. I was puzzled because I wasn't expecting anything from Amazon...at least, not yet.

I opened up the package. Awww...my twin sister, Kenny, had sent me 2 DVD's as gifts for my graduation and my birthday. Thanks, dude!

I just talked to him the other day. Seems that everytime we talk, we find more and more things similar, which is why we call each other twins.

2 down. 3,000 more items to get. LOL!


News of the Day:

Deaf-Blind Man Still Fighting Eviction - Some time ago, I blogged about Patrick Ackerman, who was evicted from an apartment complex of an independent living facility. Ackerman and his attorney are waiting for the judge's ruling, which may take a week or more. The attorney said that he has tried looking for another apartment but has had no luck. He said that Ackerman gets $750 in SSI a month. Apartments are either too high in rent or unable to accomodate Ackerman.

Disowned Indian Prince to Adopt - Not too long ago, I blogged about India's Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil coming out publicly. He was immediately disowned by his family and stripped of his title. Gohil has expressed a desire to adopt a teenager.


One more day of work and then it's the long weekend!!! I cannot wait. I think I'm gonna treat myself to a deep margarita or two. Maybe three.

ta ta...