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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Visit 

Last weekend, KT's sister and nieces visited us. They drove down from Minnesota to see Grandma in North Carolina. They, they were gonna drive up to New Jersey for a wedding. They thought they'd stop by, see us and tour DC.

It was good to see them!

Friday night, we met for dinner. After dinner, we drove around DC. We parked and walked around to see the White House, the Monument and WWII Memorial. It was a warm night, yet tolerable to walk around.

Saturday, whooooo! It was hot outside. We were at the Mall, checking out museums. We went to the main museum at the Smithsonian, where one could sign up for membership or whatever. It was a cute little museum. In one part in one wing, there was a section on currencies of the past. It was interesting to see dollar coins. I was surprised to see that shells were used as dollars in the past in America.

Then, we went to the Hirshhorn Museum. Now, I've always like that museum. However, this time, I wasn't impressed with the displays.

Then, we went to the Air & Space Museum. Boring! Plus, it wasn't quite comfortable, temperature-wise, in there.

After that, we went to the Native American Museum. However, we got there about 30 minutes before closing. We definitely wanna go back and look at the rest.

Lastly, we went to the Natural History Museum. The girls were excited to see these giant animals and fossils. KT's sister treated us to see an IMAX movie, which was the safari in 3-D. We were being nice because we thought that we'd have to sit through a movie and not understand anything. We were actually surprised that it was RWD'd.

The captioning panel was different. In movie theatres, you usually just plop the panel in the cup holder. However, at the IMAX, the panels come with clamps.

By the time we were done, it was 7:30 at night and we were all hungry. So, we went to Chinatown for dinner. Now, KT and I haven't really dine in Chinese restaurants in Chinatown. Billy took us to one...Full Kee or something like that. It was ok.

One time, I had to take my mentee out to lunch. I took him to this place, I believe it was Tony Cheng's. I discovered that it was one of those Mongolian BBQ places. Now, this isn't like the one in Bethesda (BD). This one had limited choices and was expensive.

We thought we'd try Tai Shan. It's a simple restaurant but boy, their food was delicious!!! FYI, if you ever go there, you might want to share a plate with another person. They give you a lot of food! KT and I had so much food leftover that it was a full dinner plate for each of us the next night. Oh, oh, if you like Hot & Sour Soup, you'll definitely like it there...so good and spicy!

Sunday was even a much hotter day. It didn't help that the a/c in KT's sister's van decided to act up. I thought I was gonna die!

So, we just drove to the White House and took a couple of pictures. We drove the girls around to WWII Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial so they could get pictures taken during the day. Then, they were done.

After they left, we just came home and plopped our tired asses on the loveseat. We didn't really get a chance to rest up before the week started again. However, we both took comfort that our summer contracts will expire this week. We plan to work around the house this weekend. Heck, I wanna get it all done as much as possible that way we can enjoy our vacation from work next week.