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Friday, September 01, 2006

Fat Girl 

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"You're too fat to fuck."

Even though Fat Girl is a thin book of 192 pages, it is an angry, yet witty, memoir of Judith Moore's life as a fat girl and woman. The book opens up with Judith telling readers that she isn't gonna sugarcoat fatness. She's gonna tell it like it is.

Oh, Judith describes fatness like it is. She is brutally honest. This isn't for the faint of heart. So, don't read this while you're eating.

Judith retells her childhood, which she was initially a thin girl. She describes her family background, to which almost everyone in the family is fat. When her parents got married, her father began to get fat. Her mother started to resent him and eventually divorced him, taking Judith with her.

From this point on, Judith became a fat girl. I don't care if you're just a little overweight, sorta fat, fat, very fat or super obese, you will totally relate to Judith. I say that because not only does she talk about fatness but she also shares her observations of how people see and treat fat people. You'll find yourself nodding in agreement.

Fat Girl chronicles Judith's fat childhood which dealt with her parents' divorce, her mother's physical abuse, her grandmother's sneers, her peers' tauntings and the men in her life who only want a platonic relationship with her. Be prepared for a right-in-your-face approach, which you'll groan, laugh and maybe cry.