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Friday, September 08, 2006

Noah's Arc 


Ever since KT & I just got Logo about a month ago, we've been watching and enjoying Noah's Arc. Noah's Arc is like Queer As Folks meets Sex and the City, except all the characters are Blacks.


Like QAF and SATC, Noah's Arc centers around 4 people, Noah and his 3 best friends in Los Angeles. Noah (second from left) is a struggling writer and a hopeless romantic. His fashion style is wild and unique like KT's best friend, Manny. Noah was dating Wade but have since been off. Although, the spark is still there whenever they're together. Noah's friends are wary of Wade because he's new to the gay world.

Alex (far right) is one of those guys who will tell it to you in your face like it is. He loves to give advice. Alex currently runs his own HIV prevention center for Blacks and Latinos. He's in a long-term relationship with Trey, who is a light-skinned hulk of a man. Right now, he's suspicious of Trey's friend, Guy, who seems to be taking up all of Trey's time.

Ricky (second from right), like QAF's Brian and SATC's Samantha, is the slut and a Blatino (a Black and Latino fusion). He's undependable when friends need him because he's too busy getting his freak on with guys, especially at his clothing store. However, he seemed to be a changed man when he has fallen for Junito, an HIV+ doctor.

Chance (far left) reminds me of SATC's Miranda and Charlotte. Chance is a college professor who is very proper, yet he does give in to his free-spirited ways...once in a while. Chance is "Vulcan-ish". Whenever Alex gives advice, Chance offers logical explanations. Chance has recently married Eddie, who has a daughter, Kenya, from a previous marriage.

It is really interesting to watch this show because they deal with issues that you would have never seen in an all-white cast. They dealt with effeminacy, thug attraction, the downlow, bisexuality and other issues. Additionally, you will see terminology used by the Gay Blacks that you would have not seen in other shows.

Noah's Arc is in its second season. I'm not sure if they're in the middle or towards the end of the season. Logo had been running reruns of the first season as well as playing the second season.

Anyways, KT and I enjoy the show because it's a breather from the traditional all-white cast. Even though you can tell that Noah's Arc isn't high budget like QAF and SATC, yet the show is still presentable and worth your time.


News of the Day:

- Christian stations will host "ex-Gay" TV show, hosted by David Kyle Foster and Alan Chamber, the current president of Exodus International. Gays voiced their concerns about reparative therapy and the ex-gay movement.