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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

PostScript to Lost River 

I forgot to mention one thing about the Guest House at Lost River. There are no keys for the room. You just open the door and walk in. To lock, like for the night, you push in the doorknob and give it a slight twist.

When the guy first told me that there is no key for the room, I thought how odd. After he left, I told KT that I could not believe that there was no key. Who has ever heard of a hotel, a motel or an inn with no keys to the rooms?

KT was like...hell-o! We're in West Virginia.


I keep forgetting that.

Everytime we go to North Carolina to see KT's mom, I lock everything. Then, I'm always commenting to KT like, I notice your mom didn't lock the door. He's like, yeah, we're in North Carolina, not in DC.

People in the South, or rather in the country, don't freak out over stuff like this. They just don't lock doors to their cars or houses. In the city, leaving doors unlocked is like an invitation, more like begging, to be robbed.

I guess for me, once you've been robbed, you're gonna lock everything regardless where you are. Once is enough for a lifetime.

Anyways, it was odd not having a key to access a room. At first, it was like, what the hell were they thinking? Yet, a day later, I realized that I was relaxed about it. People come here to escape from the city life, not to come looking for things to steal.

Yet, it doesn't hurt to be on the safe side, right? Hmmm, that's just me, the city guy, thinking. I guess I can't make up my mind if I like the idea of not having to worry about stuff like locking doors or if I like the satisfaction that I know that I've locked everything before leaving the area.

Ah well.