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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Prom Queen 

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Prom Queen is inspired by a true story of a Canadian gay boy, Marc Hall. Marc simply wanted to take his boyfriend to the prom. The problem was that Marc was attending a Catholic school. The school knew of Marc's homosexuality and accepted him. However, they had to draw the line at his desire to bring his boyfriend to the prom.

In comes a lawyer, who did this pro bono, who felt that the school's refusal on Marc's request to bring his boyfriend was a violation of Canada's "bill of rights". The trial has caused more problems for Marc than he bargained for. However, the problems were ironed out.

Prom Queen would have been a great movie if it weren't for some cheesy stuff in there. Occasionally, you'll see a sparkle appear in some people's eyes, which just makes you roll your eyes. There's a trio of girls who try to act like the trio in Clueless. It just didn't work.

It's worth a watch...that is, if you're up for a couple of cheesy scenes.