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Friday, September 22, 2006

Sixth Year 

Tomorrow, KT & I will be celebrating our 6th year anniversary.

September 23, 2000 was our first date, which lasted 11 hours. (No, nothing dirty, you perverts!) We've been together ever since.

We first met at a mutual friend's house on Halloween of 1999. We had heard about each other, through friends on campus but never had the chance to meet. I had just dragged for the first time (and so far, the last) the week before. So, I wasn't in the mood to dress up for Halloween. I was outside in the patio, chatting with friends, when I first laid eyes on Kevin. From there, we chatted all night until one of us had to leave.

I was surprised that he was a friend of Manny's since I had been hanging out at Manny's place quite frequently. From there, KT and I became good friends.

Well, about a year later, friends & I were in a chatroom online. People gradaully left to do other things. Finally, there was 3 of us left...me, KT and a friend. However, before this friend left, he asked why KT and I hadn't gone out on a date and logged off quickly before either of us could reply. After a short moment of awkward silence, KT asked me out.

So, we decided to meet for lunch at Cafe Luna. I was embarrassed to say that I had lived in DC for 2 years and going to Dupont Circle but that I had never heard nor ate at Cafe Luna.

Well, it was a date that almost never happened. Well, at least in my perspective. I arrived at the agreed time and waited...and waited...and waited. I thought I had been stood up. Turned out that KT was late and was riding the bus.

So, we had lunch. And like Deafies do, we stayed in the restaurant for quite some time, even after our plates were picked up. We went to Ben & Jerry's for ice cream. Then, we caught a movie. Then, we had dinner. After that, we strolled around DuCi. Then, I saw KT off to the Metro, while I bused to Gallaudet. That was the longest and the best date I've ever had.

And then from there, we just kept on dating.

Now, 6 years later, here we are...still in love!

It doesn't feel like 6 years. Time goes by too fast. Yet, at the same time, we've gone through a lot in 6 years.

Kevin was really patient with me as I completed my senior year at Gallaudet as he had started his job at the law firm.

We moved in together, which took some adjustments. Hey, moving in together is a big deal!

There was a lot of firsts that were fun and memorable and others were challenging. Our first major purchases. Our first vacation together. Our first holidays with families. Stuff like that.

For a short while, we relied on the bus and the Metro. Then, KT got wheels! It was a blue Pontiac Grand AM. It sure made a difference, having a car.

My mother got stomach cancer. KT was there for me, without hesitation. I flew back and forth to see my mother. At first, she survived the cancer. But then, a year later, the cancer had suddenly reappeared and invaded throughout her body. Mom decided her time was up. So, I flew back and forth during her last days. In her final month, I stayed with her. Being apart from KT, for a long period of time, was hard. Yet, KT never failed to keep in touch with me and gave me words of encouragement and understanding. When Mom died, KT was there during and afterwards. Some days, I have my greiving moments and he's always there. I truly dunno what I'd done if KT hadn't been in my life.

Our first house. We just truly love our home. No more landlords and no more roommates. Thank God! It's just us and the cats.

Unfortunately, we had our first break-in. Nonetheless, we bounced back and moved on.

Then, we got another car...a brand new one! Lovely!

Then, KT and I went back to school for our Master's. Now, that was an interesting experience. We were working nearly full-time and going to school full-time. Since we both had the same major, we saved money on books. However, we had to schedule our times to read so that the other could read as well. The same for our laptop.

And now, we're starting on our dream careers. It's fun to see each other getting excited about our new jobs.

We've experienced a lot of stuff together. Some were fun and memorable. Some were challenging. Some were better left forgotten. Some were hilarious. We've grown alot, both together and individually. We're so comfortable with each other. We often tell each other that we can't imagine life without the other. Yeah, we know that life is precious.

You should see us when we're silly with each other. We come up with some of the silliest comments or actions that are totally alien to others. But to each other, we'd either be trying to hide our smiles or burst out laughing.

We look forward to more wonderful years and memories together.

So, for our anniversary, I'm taking him on a surprise weekend trip. Somewhere. I'll tell you about it when we get back. KT does read my blog. :P

Nonetheless, I totally love this Kevin guy. He's my man and I'm so happy that he's a big part of my life.

I love you, Kevin!