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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Smelly Metro 


I don't know if any of you get off at Metro Center for work or whatever. However, recently, Metro Center stinks! Occasionally, you'll encounter a smell of coal. Or a smell of burnt electricity. I don't know how to describe burnt electricity. It's like when I was a kid and I used to dab a 9-volt battery to the tip of my tongue. It's that particular odor from the battery. Whatever it is, it smelled like it was burnt. It was probably still from the coal.

Anyways, I notice the smell becoming more frequent. Yesterday, when I got off the subway car into the station. There was a brief offensive odor like one of the custodians forgot to empty one of the trash receptacles. And because of the oversight, the discarded contents fumigated their odors. That was what it smelled like.

This morning, whoo! It was enough to make someone pass out. Never again will I complain about the cows and their manures when I go driving through the country. That smells heavenly compared to what it smelled like this morning at the Metro Center. Seriously!

This time, I was walking from the subway car to the Metro Sales Office and the odor lingered. It smelled like you were at a landfill. It smelled like the custodians forgot to empty all the trash bins. It reeked like rotting flesh. Now, I've never smelled nor seen rotting flesh but it smelled somthing like that!

Most of the time, when you smell something funky, you can just simply hold your breath for a few seconds. By the time you breathe, the smell is gone. Well, not today, I had to hold my nose. Simply offensive!

I'm already dreading going back when I get off work. I dunno what it is but Metro needs to take care of the odor problem, like yesterday!