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Monday, October 23, 2006

Friday Night 

The coffee social last Friday was successful.

Despite the relocation to a Starbucks closer to Gallaudet, you know...the protest thing, I had expected a small number.

Initially, there was a small number. However, about 2 hours later, we had a total of 46. Not bad! It was good to see some old friends who came to Gallaudet for the Homecoming.

At the urging of one attendant, I conducted a small survey to see which location they liked better: the one in Duci or the one in Capitol Hill. To my surprise, many liked Capitol Hill. Of course it came with a "but...".

Many liked the Starbucks in Capitol Hill because it was roomier, which allowed people to move around. I had to agree. Not only were there those traditional wooden chairs but there were some soft plushy lounge chairs as well. There was also a fireplace. There was a small room set off on the side for computers. It was just really nice. Perfect gathering for the coming cold months.

A few of the people had a "but...". Few of them wanted nearby bars to go afterwards. Of course, Dupont Circle is the place to go bar-hopping. Capitol Hill/Eastern Market only has Remington's for the guys and Phase One for the gals.

For those who live outside of DC said that they only had to ride the Red Line to Duci. Now, they had to transfer. However, they were willing to come to the new location. Gally students were thrilled about the new location because they could either walk or take one bus ride with a short walk.

Almost everyone commented about the fireplace. It was like the fireplace sealed the deal!

So, what I think I'm gonna do is have the coffee social in Capitol Hill during the cold winter. The one in Dupont Circle will be for the rest of the year.