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Sunday, October 29, 2006

IKJ's Statement 

Signature: Gallaudet University - Public Relations/Visitors Center

Statement by I. King Jordan

“The struggle during the past several months has been very painful for
all of us. I am deeply troubled by the divisions among us and by the
anger that overtook reason, respect, and civility.

“Now we must all come together for the sake of Gallaudet, particularly
for the sake of Gallaudet's students--those who are our students now and
those who will be students in the future.

“I want to thank Jane Fernandes for her dedication and courage and her
standing up for what's right. I am personally saddened--for Gallaudet
and for Dr. Jane K. Fernandes--that she will not have the opportunity to
show Gallaudet and the world what a great president she could have been.
Her vision and her plans to make that vision come to life would have
guided the university we all love into a bright future. The Board of
Trustees saw that promise when they selected Dr. Fernandes as president.
In order to resolve the current stalemate the Board has deemed it
necessary to steer a different course, and I accept their decision. Now
we must all put down our weapons of words and seek to restore a sense of

“In my Town Hall speech last November I said there is more that
unites us than divides us. I think we lost sight of that for a time and
we must work together to refocus on the core values that unite us. We
should not look for a resolution to the struggle of recent months in
terms of winners and losers. If we do, Gallaudet and our students will
be the losers.”