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Friday, October 13, 2006

Third Day 

Gallaudet is closed for the 3rd day. If I understand correctly, 6th Street entrance is open.


I managed to stop by Gallaudet before heading home. It was interesting to witness the mass protests at my beloved alma mater. I took some pictures. The Sidekick camera doesn't do them justice.

While I was there, 4 students were meeting with IKJ and the assistant police chief to discuss about the arrests and the entrances to Gallaudet.

Chris Corrigan, the Mayor of Tent City, was giving pep talks to the protesters.


After I left, I was forwarded 2 emails. Someone tried to impersonate SBG President, Noah Beckman, with a message that the protest was over.



You have to see this awareness collage made by Tate Tullier. Simply awesome!


Well, ta ta for now. Stay warm!