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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Updated Contract 

The contract below is currently in the hands of IKJ.

Via Elisa:

This contract is to serve as a set of agreed upon items in order to cease lock-down of HMB by the protestors.

This contract replaces prior versions, which are null and void.

The two original SBG demands still remain:

1) Re-open the Presidential search Process (which includes Jane K. Fernandes’ resignation as President-Select), and

2) No reprisals for faculty, staff, students, and alumni involved with the protest.

Items for implementation in order to release the HMB Building:

1. Public statement by the University President apologizing for issuance of misleading statements and misrepresenting the actions of SBG protestors (e.g., disputing student accounts of DPS inflicted injuries; blaming harassment of adminstrative and Board officials by outside individuals on students)

2. Direct SBG line of communication to University Board of Trustees via SBG-appointed Liaison.

3. Unrestricted SBG access to Campus Activities email system; clarification regarding activity location and/or date shall be made within the same day.

4. Protest safe zones, including 24/7 tents and overnight sleeping, shall be established on the Mall area of campus. In addition, the HMB Atrium and the SBG office shall be Protest safe zones for peaceful assembly, meetings and related activities (including 24/7 tents and overnight sleeping). HMB as a classroom facility will be rededicated to normal usage. Further, scheduled usage of Andrew Foster Auditorium by SBG for peaceful assembly and/or meetings shall be allowed.

5. Unrestricted external media contacts with designated representatives on the campus Mall, Andrew Foster Auditorium (during scheduled activities), and SBG office.

6. Regular forums at HMB atrium with Jane K. Fernandes alone, with agenda and ground rules determined by both the SBG and the administration. The initial forum needs to occur within twenty-four hours from the time that the HMB lock-down ends.

7. Independent investigation of DPS actions, including tracing sources of the alleged calls regarding bomb threats, to be completed within two months’ time.

8. SBG shall have advisory representation on the CMT, through regularly scheduled meetings. Faculty and staff should have the same privilege.

9. Campus interpreters shall have no restrictions on interpreting at any time.

10. A multicultural mission statement, action plan must be developed, implemented, and evaluated (measurable outcomes) an on-going basis.

11. Enrichment Day activities shall be supplemented by concurrently scheduled Alternate Enrichment Day activities.

12. Director of Human Resources shall meet with staff members as requested on matters of individual concern, without SAC presence.

13. Press conferences hosted by the Adminstration shall include representation by SBG, with full access to media inquiries.

14. ASL courses shall be required. The SBG and the Committee for Undergraduate Education (CUE) will work together. The President and Provost shall issue a written statement that they support this.

15. The GUAA President, through the Office of Alumni Relations, shall have the unrestricted ability to correspond with all GUAA members (e.g., mail, electronic mail).

16. All statements and e-mails issued by the Office of Public Relations regarding SBG and protest activities shall be reviewed by the Provost for accuracy’s sake.

17. Move the Audism mandates out of the Diversity Action Plan for separate and independent implementation.

18. Withdraw the new names of the SAC, LCC, and the Art Gallery at the Washburn Art Center. Reconsider building or room naming procedures at the next Board of Trustees meeting.

19. Conduct an outside and impartial investigation of the Presidential search and selection process.

outside impartial review of search process assuring complete confidentiality to all interviewed: PSC members, board members, all 6 finalists, past board presidents, board emeritus members, GUAA officers, student reps, fac officers. This person/persons must be diverse, understand EEO issues, and have members who understand deaf community issues. Perferably civil rights figures included: Jesse Jackson, etc

20. Ensure that there shall be no reprisals (academic and otherwise) against students, faculty, and staff - similar to what was ensured for 1988 DPN protestors. Any exceptions shall be brought to the negotiating table.

21. Rescind the Freedom of Expression guidelines. Establish committee with SBG, faculty, and staff representation for development of new guidelines.

22. Student athletes shall be free to take part in peaceful assembly activities, outside of their athletic expectations.

23. Merged into item number 20, above

SBG is committed to all student organizations of color, cross-cultural and multicultural organizations, international student organizations, and organizations comprised of students with additional disabilities. “Commitment” as demonstrated by the practice of social justice principles and multiculturalism. Key ideals of social justice include equity for all individuals in sharing rights, privileges, power, and resources. Entitlement to those rights and privileges must be without distinctions or conditions that would exclude anyone because of race and/or ethnicity, religious diversity, socioeconomic status, age, ability/disability, gender, and sexual orientation. Social justice requires sincere respect and support for every individual’s potential for development.

This contract is effective and binding between the SBG and the Office of the President upon signatures of named parties unless otherwise specified.

Noah Beckman, SBG President DATE

I. King Jordan, President DATE

To clarify, this has not yet been signed. It has been handed to the president’s office, and they said that they would give the protestors an answer by 10 PM.* The protestors haven’t gotten an answer, so the lock-down of HMB continues.

* 10PM Monday night