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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Gays & PDA 

I love my Advocate magazines. I look forward to getting a new issue in my mailbox.

I just got a new issue but I wasn't finished the previous one. I was reading about this story where this gay couple were reprimanded for public display of affection while on the plane (American Airlines). I was like, where was I when this was happening?

Here's the link for the summary. I do encourage you to read the article.

Basically, this gay couple, in a new relationship, boarded an AA plane for NYC from Paris. They were holding hands and giving each other quick kisses. When the plane took off, Stephan Varnier, a writer, laid his head on the shoulder of George Tsikhiseli, a TV journalist.

A flight attendant came up to them and told them the purser wanted them to stop that.

The couple hailed the purser. The purser replied that she had said no such thing and that they were not out of order. The couple then proceeded to ask the purser if the flight attendant would've harrassed them if they had been a straight couple. The purser's demeanor immediately changed and left. She came back a few moments later and said that passengers had indeed been complaining about their behavior.

The couple then inquired the purser to indicate which passengers complained which she refused to provide. They asked for the flight attendant's name. Also refused. Then they asked for an AA representative to meet with them when they boarded, which was also refused.

The purser then told them if they did not behave, she would have the plane diverted back. 30 minutes later, the captain reaffirmed that if they didn't behave then they would divert back.

When the story came out, American Airlines defended their employees. Of course, why am I not surprised. Their defense was: “Our passengers need to recognize that they are in an environment with all ages, backgrounds, creeds, and races. We have an obligation to make as many of them feel as comfortable as possible.”

Ok, I've flown on planes many many times. I've seen straight couples making out and doing other forms of PDA. Does that give me the right to notify a flight attendant to complain that I'm not as comfortable as possible? I've seen and heard babies crying their heads off, just about the entire flight. Does that give me the right to push that button that'll summon the flight attendant and allow me to complain? Hey, I'm not as comfortable as possible and I expect to be. Do you see where I'm going with this? Do you see how silly that is? So, why is it ok for others to do it but certainly not ok for gays to do so?