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Friday, December 29, 2006

Caption Unavailabilty 

Ugh! Some time ago, I ordered a Spanish movie with subtitles from Amazon.com. I didn't get a chance to see it until last night. However, there were no subtitles.


However, it doesn't stop there.

KT has gotten me some movies for Christmas and some for "just because". Even though he relied on my WishList, he ordered the DVD's from another site. Now, I put these movies on my WishList because I relied on Amazon.com to provide accurate information on caption availability.

Anyways, we put in Hellbent, a horror movie of 5 gay men being stalked in West Hollywood. Er, no captions!

Then, we put in Strip Jack Naked, a British view on gay life. Guess what? Yep, no captions.

Ugh! Now, I know that I cannot wholly rely on Amazon.com for accurate caption availability. I'll have to do multi-site comparison to see if such a movie does indeed have captions/subtitles.