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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Bouncing Back... 

Ugh! I cannot recall the last time I was sick with the flu. Damn that flu shot, I got a month or 2 ago, for not working!

I'm not quite out of the woods yet but getting better. Well, at least, I hope so.

My students have been hoping, along with prayers and promises of firstborn sacrifices, that I'd cancel classes. Nope! Not happening!

I don't like the flu. Of course, I don't think anyone else does. My nasal passages would be blocked. But every now and then, one passage would be opened. However, breathing was not enjoyable. I'd breathe in air and I could feel it travel from my nose, over to the top of my skull and to the back. It was so sensitive that it hurt.

Blowing my nose was the worst! I'd get headaches everytime I had to blow my nose.

(Cliff, shut up! I ain't taking Theraflu! Tastes like piss!)

Anyways, I'm better than before. Right now, I feel kinda woozy.


What is it with us people? When we're sick, we're miserable. But, when there's a gathering of friends, we will ourselves to be well enough to go and hang out. If it means that everyone will be sick afterwards, then so be it!

Last year, during SuperBowl, there was a virus going around that made people throw up. A couple of people got this virus. So, when SuperBowl came around, everyone got together. Well, the next thing you know, over a course of several days, people got afflicted with this virus, one by one.

I lucked out. I was so happy because I hate hate hate hate hate to throw up. Some people look forward to throw up because they know that they'll get better afterwards. Not me, I'd do anything to prevent myself from throwing up. Pepto-Bismol, my best friend!!!!!

The other week, a small group of us got together for a "whine & cheese" gathering. (No, whine isn't a typo.) Before you know it, I found out that half of us got sick. We got together again a week later for a birthday celebration. Instead of staying home to recover, we just had to get together.

Friends! Somehow, we can't say no to friends. Friends! We're willing to get sick to be with friends. Friends! We're willing to trade illnesses. Friends! What the world would be without them?

Now, I just wanna know WHO gave me this flu?!?!?!?