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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy V-Day 

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KT...Happy Valentine's!! Hurry up and come home from work! Can't wait to spend a quiet, romantic evening with you. *mwah*


Well, Gallaudet had a 2-hour delay. So, I didn't have to teach this morning. So, instead, I headed straight to my other job at the law firm. I got there only to discover that it was closed as well. So, I'm back home, enjoying the day off. Whooo! It's a good thing because I'll be in Richmond this weekend for a workshop.


Isn't it wonderful when you're thought of by another, other than your significant other and family? I got a page from a friend that I haven't seen nor heard from in ages. She sent me a page with a Valentine's greeting and a short message. That just made my day better.


Well, y'all have a nice Valentine's. Pamper yourselves or your loved ones. Meanwhile, I'm waiting and waiting and waiting for KT to come home!!! ;)

ta ta...