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Monday, April 02, 2007

April is Here 

Whaaa? I only posted one blog entry for the entire month of March. Ok, that has to be a record.

These days I just want to come home and plop my fat flat ass on the couch. No really, I just want to sleep! I usually come home and turn on the TV and watch a shwo that I've saved on TiVO. Not lately. I have like 200 shows waiting to be watched. No, really, just a few shows. I have like 4 episode of Heroes to catch up. I've finally caught up on Rome. Damn, is that show over for good or what? I hope not. I love Atia (played by Polly Walker)! She's currently my favorite bitchy character.

Battlestar Galactica is over...at least, until 2008. Arrrggggghhhh! I cannot wait that long! Dammit!

Ghost Whisperer has lost its appeal. It's cheesy now. Blah!

Ah well!

Last week was spent on working on a story for Raymond Luczak's Eyes of Desire 2. Speaking of Raymond, he's going to appear, along with other Deafies, in Law & Order: Criminal Intent this Tuesday ("Silencer")!

Well, I hope to post more entries this month because April is gonna keep me busy. Ta ta for now...