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Friday, April 27, 2007

Constantly Learning 

They say that you learn a thing or two every day. It's true. Here's what I learned recently:

1. You know that dusty build-up all over car. And it's yellowish. That's pollen. Beware! (If you're allergic to them.)

2. There's some stupid zoning law/restriction in regards to H Street in DC. Apparently, between 4th to 12 Streets, NE...sit-down restaurants are not allowed. I thought, yeah right! So, I drove down the street for restaurants. Sure enough, there are no sit-down restaurants. There's a McDonald's but it's just for order out. Then, I saw a Popeye's but then I realized it is located past 12th Street. Interesting, eh?
I tried to find some information. However, this link was the best that I could. There are other newspapers that have commented about this zoning restrictions.