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Thursday, May 03, 2007

New Addiction 

Lately, these days, I've been introduced to new sites by my friends. Some sites are ok and others are interesting.

I like Pogo. It's kinda like Yahoo! Games except that you play with tokens. You're given a small amount to start off. You try to build up your tokens. You can use these tokens to enter drawings for real cash. Some games have jackpots, winning realy money.

I do like GoodReads.com. It's like Amazon.com, except you don't buy anything or make a wishlist. Instead, you just make reviews of books that you've read. It's really interesting to see how people love and hate certain books.

I was addicted to GoodReads. Not anymore. You know why? I'm addicted to something else.

For a day or two, I was addicted to 43things.com. Now, I'm addicted to Yelp.com.

Yelp is a wonderful site where you can post reviews of places that you've been to. You can post reviews of restaurants, gyms, retail stores, hair salons, theatres and so many other places.

Check it out!

...and get addicted!

ta ta...