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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Pan's Labyrinth 

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As posted in Amazon.com (with some edits):

I truly enjoyed *Pan's Labyrinth* as a dark fairytale. But, dagnabit, it left me wanting more. Ofelia, the girl in this story, journeys only to the border of this "other land". I thought that this movie would delve deeper into this strange land and its inhabitants.

Ofelia and her widowed pregnant mother move to an abandoned mill to be with the new stepfather/husband. The stepfather is a military captain who is fighting against guerilla army that seems to be invisible. However, the captain is a cruel man. He is just harsh to everyone.

Upon arrival at the mill, Ofelia discovers a shape-shifting fairy. The fairy leads her to a world underground. From there, she meets an ancient faun. The faun tells her that she of a royal lineage. But, before she can return to the royal lineage, she must do 3 tasks that comes with explicit instructions.

I just love the everything about this movie. However, it just left me wishing for more of this other world. It was such a big tease to get a "taste" of this world. My favorite was this episode where Ofelia was given a magic chalk to retrieve an object. In this room was a creature who use its hand to see. (see below) I thought that was such an original idea.

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I love how this fairy tale wasn't always so gleefully bright. I love how suspense were used. I loved how it left you uncertain if the faun was "good guy" or a "bad guy" with its own agenda. *Pan's Labyrinth* was a refreshing break from these predictable films.

I certainly hope that del Toro (the director) will direct something like thing very soon.