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Monday, May 07, 2007

Zanzibar on the Waterfront 

As posted in Yelp.com:

Last Friday night, I headed over to Zanzibar on the Waterfront for the monthly DPHH (Deaf Professional Happy Hour). I had a good time there.

I think that Zanzibar is like the most expensive bar that I've been to. By expensive, I was referring to the cover charge. Only because I had an invitation, my cover charge was $10. Now, I've paid that cover charge before at other place. It was just that I saw that the regular cover charge was $30 bucks. $30 bucks!?!?!?! Dayum! I could treat 20 people to Dairy Queen for 30 bucks!

Anyways, keep in mind that I only went to the SkyClub at Zanzibar. I didn't check out their restaurant. I just went straight to the bar! (By the way, friends of mine did eat there and said they were not impressed.)

SkyClub was nice. First, you gotta take the elevator up to the third floor. So, I went up there. It's actually kinda dark. (Not quite Deaf-friendly.) There's one place that well lit but it's hidden. There's a couple of window walls where you can view the people dancing on the second floor.

Anyways, the SkyClub is nice...kinda roomy. Beautiful decors around. There are a couple of flat-screen TV's, with sports playing. You can walk out to the patio outside for some fresh air. You can see the Potomac River, dotted with boats.

You better bring the bank with you if you wanna drink there. I got a Long Island Tea for $12 bucks. Normally, I wouldn't have complained. But, my drink was in one of those mini tall glasses, made for mojitos. You can barely fit in 2 fingers in the glass. I was like, oh no no no, girl, you better spike my drink real good! But, damn, it was worth it! After 2 LIT's, I had a good buzz going on.

While it was a nice place, I'm not sure that I'd go back. I prefer someplace low-key with some drinks that doesn't cost me a week's worth of groceries, ya know.


By the way, there's another DPHH tomorrow night. I kid you not.