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Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Next American ... 

What's up with these shows that you could be the Next American [insert word]?

Granted, American Idol is not the first of its kind. We already had Star Search and other shows. But American Idol really sparked all kinds of other shows where viewers phone in or text on their favorite contestant(s), hoping they'll make it to the finals.

Here are other shows that have been created since the debut of American Idol:

American Juniors

America's Got Talent

So You Think You Can Dance

America's Next Top Model

Project Runway

Top Chef

Top Designer

Shear Genius

Then, last week, I discovered On the Lot. This is about contestants competing to be the top movie filmmaker.

Then, last night, I discovered American Inventor. Contestants compete to be the top American inventor. It was just very interesting to see what people presented as their inventions. Some of them were...hmm, interesting. Others were like...what the heck?!?!

What's next?