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Monday, June 25, 2007


Dayum, I'm definitely addicted to other social sites because I've not been blogging lately. Ah well.

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Saturday, KT & I went to see Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. I thought it was a good movie. It could use a bit more action. I'm not crazy about Johnny Storm, aka Torch, because he comes off obnoxious and says some cheezy lines. Other than that, good movie.

Sunday, we helped a couple of friends of ours by moving their stuff into storage. They're moving to Miami for their year-long internship. Whoo, what a good workout. Now, I'm sore in my arms and legs.

But we were rewarded with pizzas, books and social with friends.

Afterwards, KT and I just hung out in Laurel and did a few errands. KT had lost his pager last week or so. So, yesterday, we went inside a T-Mobile store. Earlier, we had seen someone else who came and help moved with a similar pager to the Sidekick 2/3. Instead, it's the Sidekick ID. Basically, it's the same thing but no camera (and no phone I believe). So, it's the perfect pager...and cheaper too!

Gosh, I wish that Sidekick had quality cameras in their pagers. The photos are too grainy! Ugh!

We cannot wait for our vacation tomorrow! We'll be heading out to Austin and San Antonio for a week. So, it'll be nice to get out of DC for a while.

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