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Monday, August 13, 2007

Birthday Weekend 

I had a good birthday last weekend. Turned 33. I keep telling myself that it's just a number. So far, seems to be working.

Basically had an easy day relaxing while KT and Cliff busied themselves. Saturday night, they had invited Kekua, Manny and Merritt over for a wine and pasta dinner. Lovely!

Then, we were going to enjoy the rest of the evening by watching movies. We saw Dead Silence. It was about dummies coming to life to avenge their murdered ventriloquist. O.....k. Then, we were going to watch Hills Have Eyes 2 but it just could not keep my attention. Instead, most of us moved to the dining room and played Settlers of Catan.

A couple of friends of ours had introduced KT and I to the German game. We would play the game every now and then. At our recent trip to Rehoboth Beach, we saw this game at a games store and bought it without hesitation. Now, it is the game to play. The cards are already starting to be dog-eared.

Settlers of Catan is a trading game, using brick, wood, wool, ore and wheat. Your goal is to get 10 points by building roads, settlements and cities. This is only possible through trading. It's a fairly simple and wonderful game. However, you have to keep your eyes peeled with whom you're trading with. You never know that you'll be helping your opponent win.