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Thursday, April 19, 2007

B-day & GWTW 

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Gotta say "Happy Birthday!" to Kekua! Have a blast! *mwah*


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Last night, I finally finished watching Gone With the Wind. I know, I know...what kind of fag am I for not watching it earlier. Well, shut up, y'all! Better late then never, right?

Anyways, I loved it! I love Scarlett and her sassy remarks. She keeps on going and going with her bitchy attitude until Rhett tells to just stop it.

Boy, talk about a long movie! However, it was the kind that I didn't mind watching. I just loved the sceneries and the dialogues. Of course, KT and I were commenting to each other about some of the acting. Nonetheless, I understood why it was a classic. It was just done beautifully!

So, appreciate what you have now, not what you wish for.


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If you love watermelon, you can say you've been eating your veggies. Oklahoma wants to declare the watermelon as the state vegetable. The reason is that watermelon is a member of the cucumber family.

So, instead of green beans or broccoli on the side, serve watermelons!

ta ta...

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